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Songs I Never Wrote

"Ticket to Waco" Part 2

I never boarded that plane to win my girlfriend back, but I did go to Waco once before while we were still dating... 


I remember that trip well because it was the first time I said "I love you" out loud. She was quick to say it back and had apparently felt the same way for a while – she was just waiting for me to say it first!


That whole visit felt like a dream.


It seemed like we made a new memory around ever corner – getting pulled pork sandwiches at Rudy's drive-thru BBQ and helping decorate her sorority's float for the Baylor homecoming parade... 


She showed me all of her favorite spots around town and made them my favorite too.


Local Haunts

When I was traveling from Austin to Dallas on my Texas tour last month,

I couldn't help but stop by this special place and revisit the local haunts. 

And that's just what they were... Haunts in every way.

There was an eerie emptiness to the campus because students were still gone on Spring Break. Waco was now a ghost town of my memories.

It was strange to be back there after almost 10 years, walking alone through spaces that have existed so perfectly immortalized in my mind for so long, from a time of my life when I was with someone and we were so happy.


The magic may have been gone, but the nostalgia still managed to make my heart give a little smile.


You guys know I love to share things with you first!


Below is the visualizer video we shot at all my favorite Waco spots! 

You'll get a first listen of the song as well so let me know what you think!

Every location has a little story behind it, which I started sharing recently on my Instagram.

Be sure to save and share the song too if you haven't already : )


Virtual Postcard

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