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Songs I Never Wrote

"Ticket to Waco" Part 1

Let's pick it up where we left off, shall we? 


"Taylor" ended with me being dumped beside a pool and watching my ex-girlfriend start to date my best friend... Bummer, right?

Well, getting over her wasn't easy.

We had the same circle of friends and so we kept running into each other at parties, awkwardly trying to avoid eye contact.

I don't think there are many things harder than going from talking to someone every single day to not talking at all, or from being closer than any friend to being a pariah. 


You'll hear me mention this in the lyrics to my next single:

"Did you mean what you said when you said we shouldn't talk? /

Did you mean anything at all?"



I was so hung up on her that almost an entire year later I bought a ticket to Texas (she was a student at Baylor in Waco, hence the song title) to profess my love to her in-person!


The hopeless romantic in me wanted to fight for her, lay it all out there, and make one last grand gesture, but the skeptic in me said I should probably just stay away and not be a psycho!

In the end, I decided to cancel my flight.

I think that was when I finally let her go.

I went back through my email and found the actual ticket that I bought almost 10 years ago! (see screenshots above and left)

I cancelled my ticket the day before I would have left.
Some of you might be freaking out and wondering why I'm still obsessing over this girl after that long?! And you would have good reason to if that were the case...
BUT just a reminder that these new songs are all part of a retrospective of my love life called Songs I Never Wrote aka my upcoming album.
I didn't write many songs about this relationship back then, so I'm putting myself back in those shoes now so that I can finally share these stories. 
Cancelled Flight.jpg
Cancelled Flight-2.jpg

Writing the Song

I never told anyone about that plane ticket... until now.

I knew it was a story that I wanted to tell on this album and so I shared it with my friend, Lindsey Sweat, last November in one of my last writing sessions in New York City before moving back to LA.

SIDE NOTE: Lindsey is an incredibly talented songwriter and she has her own dope artist project, Trella, which you should all check out!

Anywho, we wrote "Ticket to Waco" in one sitting on the couch in my Harlem apartment.

Press play (over on the right) to listen to the original voice memo from that night with Lindsey singing some sweet harms!

braving the Christmas Tree Lighting after our writing sesh

texas tea tour_poster tears.PNG

Returning to Waco

Back in March, I did my first ever Texas tour while in Austin for SXSW!

It just so happens that Waco was on my way to Dallas and so I decided to pay a visit for the first time in over 10 years...

I didn't share the lyrics to the song with you yet because I think they'll really come to life in Part 2!  Click HERE to read on : )

P.S. You can now listen to "Ticket to Waco" below!

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